Saturday, October 15, 2016

"The Thousandth Floor" by Katharine McGee

Rating: 3/5 stars

"Do you ever feel like people think they know you, but they can't, because they don't know the most important thing about you?"

This book is Great Gatsby in the future, with teenagers. I really enjoyed the technology aspect, wondering what could be possible in Manhattan, 2118. Some things, though, never change. No matter the wealth, jewels, genetic engineering, luxury, or latest gadgets, people will still go to great lengths to find and keep love. Mankind's inclination to destroy others in that process is still the same.

There were numerous times I wanted to yank a character through the page and give them a good lecture. A "what-in-heaven's-name-do-you-think-you're-doing" verbal lashing. Even though the characters frustrated me, I also ached for them. Numerous times, they could have been spared so much pain and grief if they had been honest and genuine with one another. But instead, they masqueraded as having beautiful, perfect lives when each of them was broken in their own way. Life lesson: be honest with yourself and others.

"Her life was falling apart, piece by gilded piece."

Some of the characters were hard to relate to, because you could clearly see that their deception and attitudes had caused the mess they got themselves into. I'm not usually a fan of teen drama and angst novels (my inner mom just wants to scold them the whole time). However, the story was engaging and the writing style propelled me forward. I had to find out what happened to the characters, but I'll have to read the next book when it comes out for that because it ended on quite a cliff hanger.

Overall, I enjoyed this book more than I expected, and although it's not my book "type," I will probably read the next installment in the series when it comes out. 

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